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Having been in the Investigation business for well over 30 years, and enjoying the vast majority of it, I have decided to help, in some small way, those people who have neither the money, time or resources to find their relatives, family and friends.

A bulletin board will allow you to search for them, or at least let them know that you are looking for them.

The directory of related links and websites may also help you in your search.

However, should you not see your friends up here, or they do not make contact, then you may like to consider using a professional investigator with the skills and experience necessary to help you trace that elusive relative or friend.

Naturally, this will be at a cost, which you should discuss with the investigator that you choose. Cheap rates are usually a poor guide.

Check out their experience and reputation. The way that they speak to you and the questions they ask. Due diligence will always apply.

We will always offer some help and advice for free.

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Frank served as a Regular Soldier in the United Kingdom and Germany. Upon discharge, he joined the London Metropolitan Police and gained valuable experience in law enforcement and security work, particularly during his service with the Criminal Investigation Department.

Shortly after his arrival in South Australia in 1969, Frank founded South Australian Security which developed into one of the best and most reputable security and general investigation companies in Australia. South Australian Security held the contract to patrol and protect Army bases in South Australia and, at one time, was the second largest Cash Carrying company in Invisalign Melbourne South Australia.